One Quilt Each Day, Said the Universe.


This is a spontaneous exercise that happened because I paid attention to the dreams I’ve been having at night, applying them to my daily life by journaling, and going with the flow.  I’m very excited to be riding along with my every day life instead of trying to drive it where it might not want to go.


The last few weeks have been very interesting.

I’ve been having one or two clear dreams a night and started writing them down and analyzing them.  I felt the strong pull of change going on, deep in my mind, heart and soul.  There was a lot of strong symbolism:  the numbers 3 and 9, water in all forms, broken eye glasses, tall grass, etc. 

I kept being lead again and again to themes of creativity, rebirth, renewal, spiritual growth and emotional purging.  I had been looking up the strongest and oddest items in the dreams ( ) to give me a guide and then applied it to my life:  Which kept coming back to believing in myself and my business.  And coming to accept and embrace my lifestyle.  Working at home and fitting in family life and multi tasking and odd work times made me feel like I’m not in control.  It felt less authentic than a person who goes to the 9-5 job.  I felt, sometimes, that I wasn’t putting in an honest day’s work! 

The truth is, I learned to integrate family, marriage, household chores, errands, personal time and my business the way it *works* for me!  I am giving up on the guilt, the feeling that I got a special break, that I’m not working as hard—  I get to work as an artist because of very hard work.  The thing is…  It doesn’t *feel* like work!  If I’m waiting for the iron to heat up to press some seams, I’ll switch the laundry.  If I get a drink in the kitchen, I’ll take 5 minutes to unload the dishwasher. This is what more and more peoples’ work days look like now.  I just didn’t get it, until now.

So, I enjoyed labor day and was full of gratitude because when I did have a 9-5 job, I  never got holidays off.  It seems that more and more people do have to work holidays and it’s unnecessary except for human services.  But…that’s another conversation..

A Week of Inspiration! 

On Monday, Labor Day, I started drawing common symbolic images: keys, moons, healing symbols…  Things that evoke certain feelings in people.  I watched The Secret on Netflix and it occurred to me that making little quilts infused with intention with a specific theme would be just the kind of thing that could keep me busy for a while. 


Tuesday morning, I started with the Key.  When it came time for binding, I decided to add a pocket on the back for the owner to write out his or her “intention” or wish and slip it in there.  Every time he or she sees the image, the intention will be remembered and then worked on subconsciously.

“Luck is just a matter of being prepared for opportunity”            -Oprah

I worked with my hand dyed fabrics that I found difficult to cut up.  I’m still not a very experienced dyer, so when I get a good one, I don’t want to waste it!  I also carried raw edges and/or reverse applique into each quilt.  I used Shiva Paint Sticks in black or white for shadow or highlights.  Some have beads, all have metallic thread and hand sewing.  The last one has bobbin sewing with Candle Light thread by Y.L.I.  All of the mini quilts are around 8” x 10”, give or take.

I finished that first quilt of the week in time to start cooking dinner.  That’s a first!

On Wednesday, I chose another symbol:  Koru, a Maori word (New Zealand) for the unfolding of fronds of the Silver Fern.  My good friend Lori, who has a connection to the Maori, lives in New Zealand and is preparing to open The Wetlands Café.  It’s a huge change in life direction for her and I want to be a part of it somehow.  So this is for her, her new beginnings, abundance, love, prosperity, and success. 

I finished by dinner again.

So, I was ready for Thursday.  The goal was set.  In the morning I chose the Full Moon for the feminine mysteries and a Shooting Star for wishes.  I would finish the major work by 3:30 so I could finish the hand stitching and watch a movie.  Winking smile 


And then Friday


I was thinking of my fairy loving friends and remembered seeing this symbol when I was working on the Woods Faerie doll.  It’s an ancient fairy symbol for healing.  It think it’s kind of funny that it looks like 3 elf feet running in a circle.  Open-mouthed smile 

 I feel wonderful!  I learned a lot by setting time limits.  I’ve tried to do this before but I would get really tied up in details. This week, I lived in the moment in a very real way that I was able to take notice of.  Not thinking ahead or overthinking and just trusting the process. 

I have many more ideas brewing but I’ll get to that another time. 

Share your thoughts!


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