Studio Session: Indian Summer Jars

I just saw my friend Jennifer Hara with Indian Summer Jars on a studio session on a news show! Way to go Jenn and ISJ! Studio Session: Indian Summer Jars.

Creative and Unusual Gift Ideas

Here’s another list of micro business entrepreneurs!  These ladies are Facebook friends who are using social media only to bring their talents to the big wide world.  They’re at the stage where they still have their day jobs and testing the waters.


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Cyber Monday Deals: Handmade Shops I Love


I made another list yesterday answering a call from Etsians that needed a boost.  Today’s list is from my personal favorites.  Check their shop announcements at the top of the page for info on Coupon Codes and Give- Aways.

Scroll down for:  torches, wood boxes, turned bowls, unicorn horns and tails, natural body care, herbal remedies/ concoctions, baby gifts, pets, witchy metaphysical type things and more.

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Cyber Monday Handmade Deals: List of shops, coupon codes .

My fellow Etsians and I are banding together to show you, dear consumer, that we are better than the big chain stores!  You get personal attention and every item we offer is made with love and attention to detail.  Our prices are fair and you will get more than what you paid for! 

The banner photos are there for your easy and quick reference.  I asked each shop owner to briefly describe what they offer and their Cyber Monday deals.

Hint:  Press the Ctrl button while clicking the hyperlinks and you can easily open several tabs at once.

Edited:  This coupon is for my shop, Quilt And Fiber Arts.  Each shop has their own deals and codes!!

CYBERMON2014 copy

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Dying Silk with Fiber Reactive Dyes


I came into dying silk because I acquired 4 sets of dupioni silk draperies I wanted to recycle. I already did dye batches of cotton fabrics a few times a year using fiber reactive dyes and since I’m also impatient, I used these dyes on the silk just to see what would happen.

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Fix A Broken Zipper In 30 Min. or Less

My favorite jeans.  Busted zipper.zipper fix tutorial Oct 2014043

Both have been in my drawer for about a year waiting for me to address the problem.  I’ve replaced zippers before and it’s just not fun.  This time I took a different approach and both were done in 30 minutes:

You will need:
  • Scissors
  • seam ripper, if you have one
  • needle
  • thread
  • a few pins

See the Tutorial

World Peace Healing

“World Peace Healing”

is my latest big project commissioned by Nora, a Reike Healer from Illinois, USA. 

It started with an order for an Intention Quilt back in January or February.  Then she ordered some pouches.  Then she came to me with this idea about Oneness, World Peace, Healing, the Arts and Arch Angel Michael.  She also wanted to incorporate a charm collection that was growing fast.

This quilt is specifically for her healing space at her practice. 

We started by making a board for her project on Pinterest.

This is a wonderful tool for getting an idea what someone likes and wants!  You can invite others to post in the board and there is the option to leave comments with the pictures.  This is a good way to communicate ideas for a project like this that’s long distance.

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